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Plymouth Meeting PA Office

The Synergy Orthopedic team at our Plymouth Meeting PA Office is ready and able to serve all your recovery care needs including bracing, custom orthotics, bone stims and ambulatory devices.

With the same patient-focused approach that has allowed us to assist many in the past, we consider it our mission to serve the people of Plymouth Meeting and Greater Philadelphia area with professionalism, compassion, and top-notch service.

Injury Recovery Services

Plymouth Meeting and Greater Philadelphia area is a great place for participating in many different sporting activities. However, playing sports runs you the risk of getting injured. Should the worst happen, we are ready to assist you with getting off the bench and back into the game.

If you are suffering from an ACL tear, spinal injury, drop foot syndrome, or tibial fracture, we have equipment that can assist you in restoring your mobility and getting you back to your old favorite activities.

Consult with your physician and contact our Plymouth Meeting office to get started on your journey to recovery as soon as possible.

Helping You Where You Are At

If you live in or near Plymouth Meeting or the Greater Philadelphia area, accessing the right healthcare services near home is important. Numerous patient testimonials from the area can attest to our timeliness, attention to detail, and courtesy that we strive to maintain for every single patient. Whether your condition is a chronic one or whether you have injured yourself in the course of work or play, we are happy to help.

Synergy Orthopedics is a Medicare registered company and is also independently accredited by the BOC Accreditation. We take great pride in our Highly Rated Status as an accredited provider.

Helping Healthcare Providers Help Patients

If you are a healthcare provider in the area, we would be glad to fulfill the needs of your office to assist you with getting your patients back to better mobility. We offer several programs including the SMARTCare, STIMCare, PCare, and OCare options to cover any requirements your office may have.

This includes custom catalogs, protocols, inventory supply cards, and pediatric products. You can be confident that your DME and bracing business will benefit from a partnership with Synergy Orthopedics.

Expertise In DME and Bracing Billing

Our administrative team at the Plymouth Meeting office is adept at helping you sort through the intricacies of medical billing. Across the country, Synergy Orthopedics handles over fifty thousand DME and bracing claims every year. While differing health insurance policies and plans will cover different aspects of the equipment and programs we provide, we will make sure that the pricing and billing procedures for your services will be handled with care and attention

Do You Have Orthopedics Questions That Need Answering

If you live in Plymouth Meeting or the Greater Philadelphia area and have any questions about the use or purpose of your orthopedic equipment, contact us right away. Our highly qualified and licensed and certified staff will be happy to assist you with your queries.

Where is Synergy Orthopedics’ Plymouth Meeting PA Office?

Our Plymouth Meeting office is conveniently located at 920 Germantown Pike in Suite 210.

Give us a call at (610) 292-8400 to schedule an appointment with the Synergy Orthopedics team in Plymouth Meeting, PA or click the FILL SCRIPT above. We are always here to help and we look forward to supporting you on your road to recovery.

Visit Synergy Orthopedics in Plymouth Meeting, PA for high-quality braces and supports.

920 Germantown Pike, Suite 210
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

(610) 292-0908