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Synergy Orthopedics in Towson, MD

Towson, MD has become home for our growing family of staff at Synergy Orthopedics. With every location, we make sure that we put our clients first and every single member of our staff is enthusiastic to help you through your difficult times.

Our Towson MD location is equipped to help with all different types of injury recovery and life changes that you may need. You can trust us to do everything we can to make you better and we have the orthopedic bracing and equipment that will make a difference.

Injury Recovery in Towson MD

At Synergy Orthopedics we pride ourselves in having some of the best doctors, equipment, and procedures available to get you back on your feet. We know a serious injury can be devastating enough, but the recovery process is where you need to a support team with the expertise and experience to help you on your road to recovery. You can count on us to be there every step of the way offering motivation and advice.

With recovery, having a positive mindset can really be of benefit and our staff will do everything possible to keep you positive while pushing yourself. Our team will also take the time to make sure the orthopedic equipment is exactly what you require, and fits you perfectly.

Be sure to consult with your physician or healthcare provider and contact our Towson MD Office to put your recovery on the best possible course.

We Understand Your Pain

The Synergy Orthopedic team at our Towson MD office understand the many different types of injuries that require just as many different forms of treatment. Whether you come to us after spinal surgery, a torn ACL, or even a hip replacement, we use only the most up-to-date and proven techniques and we will assist greatly in your recovery.

Make sure to talk to your physician, and have them stay in touch with us, as we can work together to provide you with the best possible care. Everyone here at Synergy Orthopedics has the same goal of making you better and that keeps us going every day.

Orthopedic Billing Handled With Ease

With countless different insurance plans and coverages that patients may have, when it comes to billing we know what a headache it can be try to sort it all out. That is why the Synergy Ortho team we have gone the extra mile in our billing department to keep the billing process as simplistic as possible for you, the patient.

At Synergy Orthopedics, our highly trained administrative staff handles over 50,000 DME and bracing claims across the country every year, so we have seen just about everything that can come up. We will take care of all the complicated intricacies of medical billing while you focus on getting yourself better.

We Help Healthcare Providers Help Your Patients

If you are a healthcare provider in the Towson area, we would be glad to fulfill the needs of your office and assist you with getting your patients back to better mobility. We offer several programs including the SMARTCare, STIMCare, CPMCare, and OCare options to cover any requirements your office may have.

This includes custom catalogs, protocols, inventory supply cards, and pediatric products. You can be confident that your DME and bracing business will benefit from a partnership with Synergy Orthopedics.

Where is the Synergy Orthopedics Office in Towson MD?

The Synergy Orthopedics Towson, MD Office is located at 8322 Bellona Avenue, Suite 303, Towson, MD.  Feel free to stop by and our friendly staff is ready to answer questions and support your orthopedic treatment.

Give us a call at (610) 292-8400 to schedule an appointment with the Synergy Orthopedics team in Towson, MD or click the FILL SCRIPT above. We are always here to help and we look forward to supporting you on your road to recovery.

Visit Synergy Orthopedics in Towson, MD for high-quality braces and supports.

8322 Bellona Avenue
Suite 303
Towson, MD 21204

(610) 292-0908