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Partnering with Healthcare Providers to Deliver Best in Orthopedics

Since 2001, Synergy Orthopedics has been a trusted partner with a wide range of healthcare providers across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. Our team strives to work with physicians and healthcare providers who share the value we place on a patient-first approach.

Given our expertise and commitment to patient care, you are sure to find that working with Synergy Orthopedics is the surest route to positive outcomes for your patients.

Specialized Programs for Your Healthcare Practice

We offer a diverse range of DME and bracing products through our specialized programs that cater to meet the varied needs of your practice and patients. Our programs include:

  • SMARTCare
  • STIMCare
  • PCare
  • OCare

With each of these programs, you can be sure to receive professional service with highly customized and personalized care. We provide on-site, local, and at-home service to meet your patients’ needs. We use multiple vendors to supply custom orthotics that meet the needs of patients and your practice.


The SMARTCare program is designed and blended to meet the specific needs of each patient. Whether you take the traditional or hybrid model, your patients will receive the highest-quality bracing and support products from our vendors’ consignment inventory.


The STIMCare program is a multi-vendor Bone Growth Stimulator option. This program can be catered to the unique needs and requirements of your patient allowing for the best possible outcome. Our professional team can provide this program on-site or at-home to serve your patients effectively.


The PCare program provides custom prosthetic devices to meet the specific needs of each patient. With the most advanced and appropriate technology available, our team provides a precise individual assessment and fit.


The OCare program provides custom orthotics devices and braces to meet your patients’ needs. Our BOC and ABC certified orthotist, pedorthist, and orthotic fitters provide highly personalized care for your patients.

Reliable Billing Administration

Beyond the physical recovery of your patients, health care providers need the confidence inspired by administrative expertise. In this regard, our team also manages over one-hundred thousand DME and Bracing claims each year. With this experience, you can be confident in our ability to make your patients’ billing experience as clear and straightforward as possible. We can also assist your patients in determining whether treatments and equipment are eligible for coverage under given health insurance policies.

Health Insurance Coverage

We strive to offer your patients with the care that will set them on the best road to recovery and accommodates their needs, whether covered or not covered. However, many health insurance policies and care plans provide coverage and reimbursement for the orthopedics and equipment provided by Synergy Orthopedics. To determine if your patient’s orthopedic bracing or orthotics are covered by their current plan, contact a service representative from their specific policy provider for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Our equipment is priced based on each individual insurance plan under its contracted fee schedule with Synergy Orthopedics.

Partner with Synergy Orthopedics When Outcomes Matter

For the best recovery results and outcomes for your patients, contact the team at Synergy Orthopedics.


Synergy Orthopedics is a Medicare accredited company, as well as, independently accredited by the BOC Accreditation. At Synergy we take great pride in our Highly Rated Status as an accredited provider.