Synergy’s SMARTCare Program consists of phases which can be blended to your specific needs.

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The Traditional

  • Highest Quality Bracing and Support Products Any Vendor’s Products Consignment Inventory
  • Third Party Insurance Billing By Synergy Orthopedics PDAC Verified Products Meet Medicare Standards

The Hybrid

  • Same High Quality and Varied Consignment Inventory
  • Third Party Insurance Billing By Physician Practice
  • Simple Inventory Re-stocking With One Monthly Invoice
  • Profitability Maximization Through Product Selection
  • Compliance Assistance Based On Experience
  • PDAC Verified Products Meet Medicare Standards

Synergy Treats Your Program As If It Is Our OWN!
Clinical Support Team-Certified, Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Your SMARTCare program will be designed specifically to meet your practices needs for DME and Bracing Products.

  • Custom Catalogs
  • Protocols
  • Inventory Supply Cards
  • Pediatric Products
  • Software Billing & Inventory Solutions
  • Variety of Vendors-Össur, Hely Weber, Breg, DJO, Bledsoe, Orthofix and Aspen to name a few.

We supply all brands of products prescribed by the physician. Your DME and Bracing Business will be more successful with a Synergy Partnership

Synergy’s multi-vendor Bone Growth Stimulator offering allows the best possible device to be applied to meet each individual patient’s need for the BEST OUTCOME.

Why choose Synergy?

  • Professional Service Staff Providing Highly Personalized Care
  • On-site, Local and At-Home Service Available
  • Highly Experienced Billing Department
  • Sophisticated and Innovative Technology
  • Fully Accredited Facilities by Medicare and Third Party
  • Multiple Vendors Supplied Custom to your Practice Needs
When choice really matters. Synergy offers the largest variety of bone stim solutions available.


What is CPMCare?

A Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Device moves a joint passively following surgery and avoids activation of muscular function within a safe healing Range of Motion (ROM)

By passively moving a joint we can…

  • Improve Surgical Outcomes
  • Reduce Pain
  • Improve Rehabilitation Outcomes
  • Increase ROM
  • Reduce Complications
  • Reduce Cost of Rehabilitation
  • Reduce Edema (Swelling)
  • Bank PT Visits

Why Choose Synergy?

  • We Have a CPM for …KNEE, Shoulder, Elbow , Wrist and Hip
  • Same Day Set-up Available
  • Certified Service Staff
  • Local and At-Home Service
  • Fully Accredited Facilities By Medicare and Third Party
  • High Quality CPM Devices With The Most Current Technology
  • Part of Your Protocol
  • Always Accommodating Patients’ Needs, Covered or Not Covered

When a CPM is not enough to guarantee your ROM protocol needs, we offer ROM Devices to support the at-home therapy protocol.


Why Choose Synergy?

  • Custom Orthotic Devices and Braces
  • BOC and ABC Certified Orthotist, Pedorthist and Orthotic Fitters
  • Highly Personalized Care
  • Outstanding Outcomes
  • On-site Patient Care Services
  • Highest Product Quality
  • Sophisticated and Innovative Technology
  • Accredited Facilities
  • Highly Experienced Billing Department
  • Sites Located in PA, NJ, D and MD

OCare can provide:

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