Ankle Brace GameDay

Whether for post-injury support or as a preventive measure, the GameDay Ankle Brace keeps you equipped. Experience recovery with Ossur’s latest ankle brace, designed to return you to the game efficiently and ensure you stay in top form.

The advantage lies in the GameDay’s convenience — it can be swiftly and efficiently adjusted without the need to remove your shoes.

Ankle Brace GameDay Indications of Use:

  • Mild to moderate ankle sprains and strains (Grade I and II)
  • Chronic ankle instability
  • Preventive use

Ankle Brace GameDay Features:

  • Robust ballistic nylon shell featuring an internal non-slip coating for enhanced support by minimizing slippage.
  • The all-encompassing elastic cuff encases laces, delivering comprehensive support, stability, compression, and pain relief.
  • It is a simple application, efficiently executed by athletes.
  • Streamlined design with a low profile, ensuring a seamless fit into most athletic shoes.