Aspen Horizon 456 TLSO Back Brace

The Horizon™ 456 is designed to provide motion restriction, creating a dynamic environment for healing within the thoracolumbar and lumbar spine. Comfortable to wear and easy to don and doff, the Horizon 456 was designed specifically to target patients with indications that have historically been a challenge to treat such as compression fractures, burst fractures and hyper-kyphosis.


The Aspen Horizon TLSO (Horizon 456) back brace is specially crafted to offer optimal patient compliance and comfort. Providing effective relief of vertebral fracture pain, the Aspen Horizon TLSO helps patients to recover quickly and return to mobility as soon as possible. This high-performance lumbar compression system delivers excellent pain relief using active vertebral offloading and an effective grip of the hips for easier use. This innovative product focuses on accessibility, ease of use, and compliance, encouraging patients to use the Aspen Horizon TLSO as prescribed for optimal results. 

The Advantages of the Aspen Horizon TLSO Back Brace 

Relief From Back Pain 

The Horizon 456 is specifically designed to provide relief from back pain caused by stable vertebral compression fractures (VCF). Vertebral compression fractures occur if the vertebral body in the spine collapses. This can cause patients to experience severe pain, spinal deformities, and a decrease in physical height. VCFs commonly occur in the middle part of the spine, typically in the lower section. The Aspen Horizon TLSO lumbar compression system provides a comfortable, effective, and easy-to-use device to provide relief from this type of back pain. 

Facilitates Return To Mobility 

Looking after yourself properly after an operation is crucial to a successful and speedy recovery. For many patients, the best thing they can do is to stay still for a few days after their surgery to allow the body to heal and recover effectively. This brace gives patients all of the support that they need to keep their vertebrae aligned. Post-operative immobilization is important in decreasing tension on the repair site and allowing patients to recover better. 

Created With Comfort In Mind

The Aspen Horizon TLSO is specially designed with patient comfort in mind while providing the very best support and stability possible. Featuring an integrated pulley system it can be custom-fitted to your body. Cold aluminum PTE is used in the design to fit different anatomies and the Aspen Horizon TLSO features additional cushioning around the aluminum strut to reduce pressure on the skin for even more patient comfort. 

Ease Of Use And Compliance

Designed to be easy to use, the brace delivers pain relief via active vertebral offloading and an improved hold of the patient’s hips for increased compliance and to make it easier to use. Designed with the patient’s needs in mind, the Aspen Horizon TLSO takes an innovative approach to the patient experience, focusing on ease of, and regular, use of the product.

Aspen Horizon 456 Back Brace from Synergy Orthopedics

Whether you are suffering from back pain or you are looking for an innovative, easy-to-use product to aid your post-operative recovery, the Horizon 456 is the perfect solution. Here at Synergy Orthopedic, our team can help you to choose the right products for your unique needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how this back brace can help you.

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