Horizon 456 TLSO

The Horizon™ 456 is designed to provide motion restriction, creating a dynamic environment for healing within the thoracolumbar and lumbar spine. Comfortable to wear and easy to don and doff, the Horizon 456 was designed specifically to target patients with indications that have historically been a challenge to treat such as compression fractures, burst fractures and hyper-kyphosis.


horizon456 aspen


  • MemoryFlex™ open configuration shoulder straps make donning and doffing easy while providing flexion and rotational
  • Height Options For a Customized Fit
  • One Size Adjustable
  • Targeted Independent Tightening Mechanism
  • Regardless of which configuration a patient requires initially, all Horizon braces can be stepped down to the Horizon PRO, the lowest-profile option to help manage recurring ailments as

Clinical Indications:

Mild, Moderate, Severe Lumbosacral Pain and Instability.

  • Back pain caused by stable vertebral compression fractures (VCF)