Miami Lumbar® Posteo

Carefully designed with patient comfort and compliance in mind, the Miami Lumbar Posteo provides functional and comfortable relief of vertebral fracture pain, facilitating a return to mobility. The lumbar compression system delivers active vertebral offloading and a better grip of patient’s hips. The cold-moldable aluminum PTE provides optimal stabilization with ideal anatomical fit. The Miami Lumbar Posteo also features an innovative approach to ease of use and consistent donning through its hookable axillary straps.


Product Highlights

  • Active offloading via thoracic extension and lumbar compression
  • Cold-moldable aluminum PTE to fit different anatomies
  • Trimmable axillary straps with adjustable tension for optimal stabilization
  • Integrated pulley system for customized fit
  • Extra cushioning around the aluminum strut for minimized skin pressure

Indications for Use

Back pain caused by stable vertebral compression fractures (VCF)