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Since its foundation in 2001, Synergy has been a trusted partner to many medical practices.

Over the past years, Synergy has helped many medical practices develop DME and Bracing Programs. Each program is unique to each individual practice. Synergy has become experts at making a program work for each individual practice’s goals and objectives. While at the same time always making sure the patient and the doctor always come first! At Synergy Orthopedics the patient is at the heart of everything we do.

Working alongside the doctor and other medical professionals, we help patients regain function and motion and get back to their everyday lives. We are a proven leader in patient care, providing the most advanced recovery care products, programs, protocols and technologies available on the market.

At Synergy Orthopedics we approach everything on a local level. We find that each practice and doctor are unique and should be treated just that way.

Patient Focused Care

Synergy is a leading orthopedic recovery care company where our team is dedicated to providing quality patient care and getting patients back to doing the things that they love. We provide Doctors with the most advanced recovery care solutions and technologies so they can concentrate on what matters most—The Patient! After all, isn’t that what it is all about….Patient Out-Comes! If we all keep that as the focus we all win…The doctor…the practice ….Synergy and of course the Patient!

Professional Staff Makes A Big Difference To Patients

Our highly qualified licensed and certified staff will fit and adjust devices to the individual patient’s needs at the hospital, surgical centers, physician offices, rehabilitation facilities, athletic training rooms, and the patient’s home. We will set up the protocol prescribed by the practitioner to achieve the best possible results and out-comes. Out teams will train your clinical team in how to measure, fit, adjust each patient encounter associated with DME and Bracing. Our Billing and Operation Teams will help train your billing teams in managing each patient claim.

Billing Team

Patient care does not end with the fitting of the product. In today’s healthcare world you need to not only fit with perfection but also bill with perfection. At Synergy Orthopedics our team manages over 50,000 DME and Bracing claims each year. We use that experience every day to assure the most positive billing experience.


Synergy Orthopedics is a Medicare accredited company, as well as, independently accredited by the BOC Accreditation. At Synergy we take great pride in our Highly Rated Status as an accredited provider.