Aspen Simple OA Knee Brace

Offering top-quality products from industry-leading providers, Synergy Orthopedics helps patients to experience less pain and discomfort so they can enjoy a better quality of life and improved mobility. The Aspen Simple OA offers a powerful and practical solution for patients with mild to moderate unicompartmental osteoarthritis. Providing off-loading of the lateral or medial compartment, patients report experiencing less pain and discomfort with the comfortable and breathable Aspen Simple OA.

The Advantages Of The Aspen Simple OA Knee Brace 

Relief From Osteoarthritis Pain

Aspen Simple OA can offer great relief for patients suffering from osteoarthritic pain. Osteoarthritis is a common condition that can affect the lateral or medial compartment as it causes inflammation in the knee. This inflammation can reduce mobility, making it difficult for patients to remain mobile and complete typical daily tasks. The Aspen Simple OA knee brace allows patients to improve knee stability, reduce pressure, decrease swelling, and provide more support for the affected knee. Providing relief from osteoarthritis pain, this knee brace is an excellent choice for anyone suffering from osteoarthritis. 

Ease Of Use

The Aspen Simple OA is easy to fit, comfortable to wear, and easily adjusted. With a simple wraparound design, patients can put the brace on and take it off without any complications, encouraging wear and use. Featuring an innovative thumbwheel, the Aspen Simple OA can be adjusted by patients without needing any additional tools. Patients can make unloading adjustments with precision by simply turning the dial, allowing for more control. 

 Built For Comfort 

With its low-profile, lightweight design, the Aspen Simple OA knee brace is designed to be as comfortable as possible for patients. Constructed with breathable, lightweight material, the Aspen Simple OA offers excellent support while providing focused compression to the knee joint to help reduce swelling and provide warmth. This knee brace utilizes a single-sided low-profile hinge that allows for increased comfort and for the brace to be worn discreetly under your usual clothes. 

Faster Recovery

Providing your knee with the support it needs will allow you to walk, move, and exercise easier. Being able to endure more activity will help you to build strength in the muscles around the knee over time to support the knee and improve your mobility. The lightweight, breathable design allows you to wear the brace comfortably during activity. Patients can significantly decrease recovery times with more time spent on rehabilitation exercises and building strength around the joint.  

Experience The Benefits of the Aspen Simple OA Knee Brace

Making the right choice when it comes to orthopedic equipment can help you to reduce pain and increase your mobility. Here at Synergy Orthopedic, our friendly team is here to help you to find the right solution to help you find relief from your osteoarthritis pain. Get in touch with our team at Synergy Orthopedic today to learn more about the benefits you can expect from utilizing the Aspen Simple OA in the management and treatment of knee osteoarthritis.