Form Fit OA Wraparound

The Form Fit® OA Wraparound is a cost-effective, low-profile option for patients with mild to moderate unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis. The Dynamic Force Strap tensions as the leg extends, providing pain relief in a single pull motion.

To provide patients with the most effective pain management and rehabilitation solutions, here at Synergy Orthopedics, we offer only the most effective products on the market. As one of the leading providers of orthopedic products anywhere in the United States, we believe in using only the most high-performing, efficient, durable, and comfortable products to help improve your quality of life and increase your mobility levels. The Form Fit® OA Wraparound is a fantastic low-profile knee brace that can help patients to manage and treat mild to moderate osteoarthritis. Designed for a comfortable and discrete fit, the Form Fit® OA Wraparound comes with many advanced features to manage knee osteoarthritis issues.

Advantages Of Using the Form Fit OA Wraparound

Osteoarthritis Relief

If you suffer from osteoarthritis or you are recovering from an accident that impacted the mobility of your knee, then Ossur Unloader One® – Lite will help reduce discomfort and provide proper mobility tracking. This hinged knee brace is perfect for those who have mild to moderate pain from osteoarthritis or those who have degenerative meniscus tears but are highly active. It can also provide pain relief and comfort for those who suffer from other knee conditions that could benefit from uni-compartmental loading. In fact, many current users of this model find their need for pain medication decreases after incorporating the use of the Unloader One into their daily activities.

This hinged knee brace is designed for those who require a knee brace with low to average impact support. If you are interested in working towards restoring your ability to walk, shop, garden, or golf, then the Unloader One® is a durable and discrete option to assist you.

Comfortable And Discrete

If you have concerns that wearing a leg brace will be too bulky or prominent while wearing your everyday clothing, this contemporary knee brace is low profile and can be worn with ease. It has been designed to fit underneath clothing to provide a discreet fit and also has a sleek look with an integrated Lycra sleeve to blend with your outfit if you choose. To ensure maximum comfort, it is important to be properly fitted with an appropriate size before use.

Improved Recovery

From a recovery standpoint, the Ossur Unloader® is great for providing dynamic control to allow for proper healing and a speedy recovery. It can provide you with the support you need to strengthen the muscles around your knee in conjunction with a physical therapy protocol. The adjustable SmartDosing dial on the side of the brace is perfect for quickly adjusting the tension of the straps in a straightforward way. This provides you with complete control over the level of pain relief that you require in the moment.

Easy Care

The Unloader One® – Lite is easy to care for and maintain. Both the shell and the soft over-mold are robust and withstand exposure to the elements. The fabric is also breathable to keep your skin cool and hygienic. Best of all, the brace is lightweight. Weighing in at just 10 ounces, it is the lightest hinged knee brace of its kind.

Experience the Ossur Unloader One® – Lite Hinged Knee Brace

It is important to choose the right orthopedic brace under the supervision of trusted healthcare providers. There are many types of knee braces available with uses to treat various conditions.  As one of the leading providers of orthopedic products in the United States, Synergy Orthopedic uses only the most durable and high-performance products to provide a better quality of life and enhanced mobility and comfort for each of our patients.

After determining what your needs are through discussion with your physician, consult with a member of the friendly and professional Synergy Orthopedic team. We will be happy to show you how the Ossur Unloader One® – Lite hinged knee brace can improve your mobility and allow you to return to an active and quality of life.