Global Knee (GK) Brace

Surgery is often delayed for Bi & Tricompartmental OA patients:Conservative care guideline, patient logistical needs, necessary medical and behavioral improvements and the emotional readiness of the patient often cause delays. The Global OA addresses patient pain, provides stability and assists in mobility, helping patients through these times.

global knee hely weber



  • Provides stability and addresses pain for end-stage OA patients
  • Complex construction of spacer fabrics, Lycra, and urethane laminate creates a lightweight breathable base
  • Rigid range of motion hinges provide stability during ambulation
  • Blocks peak varus/valgus movement at midstance full weight-bearing
  • Lifts and elevates patella into a more natural position for increased stability and less pain
  • Provides compression for chronic swelling
  • Soft, comfortable condyle pads accommodate the inflamed bulbous knee

Clinical Indications for Global Knee Brace:

Mild, Moderate, Severe Pain, Instability and Injury of the Knee.

  • Mild to moderate Bi/Tricompartmental knee osteoarthritis
  • Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome